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  • 'Where does it hurt?' predicts chronic pain outcomes, study shows
    am 4. August 2021 um 18:11

    Pain distribution as reported on a body map, on its own, can be used to assign patients to distinct subgroups that are associated with differences in pain intensity, pain quality, pain impact and clinically-relevant three-month outcomes, according to a new study.

  • Study identifies DNA signatures linked to heart disease
    am 4. August 2021 um 16:37

    A new study identifies DNA signatures associated with risk for cardiovascular disease, a discovery that could lead to opportunities for clinical intervention years before symptoms manifest.

  • Common weight-loss drug successfully targets fat that can endanger heart health
    am 4. August 2021 um 16:37

    Researchers have announced successful results of a clinical trial for a commonly prescribed weight-loss drug called liraglutide. In adults who are overweight or have obesity combined with high cardiovascular risk, once-daily liraglutide combined with lifestyle interventions significantly lowered two types of fat that have been associated with risk to heart health: visceral fat and ectopic fat.

  • Long COVID uncommon in children, analysis finds
    am 4. August 2021 um 16:36

    Fewer than one in 20 children with symptomatic COVID-19 experienced symptoms lasting longer than 4 weeks, and almost all children have fully recovered by 8 weeks, a new study has found.

  • 'Triple contagion': How fears influence coronavirus transmission
    am 4. August 2021 um 16:36

    A new mathematical model for predicting infectious disease outbreaks incorporates fear -- both of disease and of vaccines -- to better understand how pandemics can occur in multiple waves of infections, like those we are seeing with COVID-19.