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  • To prepare for next pandemic, researchers tackle bird flu
    am 29. September 2023 um 21:10

    Researchers have developed an improved way to test potential vaccines against bird flu.

  • Can ChatGPT help us form personal narratives?
    am 29. September 2023 um 21:10

    New research found that the language model can produce accurate personal narratives from stream-of-consciousness data.

  • Allergy study on 'wild' mice challenges the hygiene hypothesis
    am 29. September 2023 um 21:10

    The notion that some level of microbial exposure might reduce our risk of developing allergies has arisen over the last few decades and has been termed the hygiene hypothesis. Now, an article challenges this hypothesis by showing that mice with high infectious exposures from birth have the same, if not an even greater ability to develop allergic immune responses than 'clean' laboratory mice.

  • New insights into how the human brain organizes language
    am 29. September 2023 um 21:09

    A new study has provided the first clear picture of where language processes are located in the brain. The findings may be useful in clinical trials involving language recovery after brain injury.

  • Skin behind the ears and between the toes can host a collection of unhealthy microbes
    am 29. September 2023 um 17:15

    Scrubbing behind the ears and between the toes may help keep the skin in those regions healthy, new research suggests. The microbiome, or the collection of microbes living on and in the human body, are known to play a role in human health and the skin is no different. A new study has shown that the composition of the skin microbiome varies across dry, moist and oily regions of the skin.