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  • Mindfulness at work protects against stress and burnout
    am 26. Februar 2024 um 2:25

    A new study has revealed that employees who are more mindful in the digital workplace are better protected against stress, anxiety and overload. Researchers analyzed survey data from 142 employees.

  • Drug limits dangerous reactions to allergy-triggering foods, Stanford Medicine-led study of kids finds
    am 26. Februar 2024 um 2:25

    A drug that binds to allergy-causing antibodies can protect children from dangerous reactions to accidentally eating allergy-triggering foods, a new study found.

  • Hearing relaxing words in your sleep slows your heart down
    am 23. Februar 2024 um 15:38

    Researchers have investigated whether the body is truly disconnected from the external world during sleep. To do so, they focused on how heartbeat changes when we hear different words during sleep. They found that relaxing words slowed down cardiac activity as a reflection of deeper sleep and in comparison to neutral words that did not have such a slowing effect. This discovery sheds new light on brain-heart interactions during sleep.

  • Climate change linked to rise in mental distress among teens, according to Drexel study
    am 23. Februar 2024 um 2:41

    Worsening human-induced climate change may have effects beyond the widely reported rising sea levels, higher temperatures, and impacts on food supply and migration -- and may also extend to influencing mental distress among high schoolers in the United States.

  • Similarities and differences in human and insect vision formation
    am 23. Februar 2024 um 2:41

    Researchers have discovered profound similarities and surprising differences between humans and insects in the production of the critical light-absorbing molecule of the retina, 11-cis-retinal, also known as the 'visual chromophore.' The findings deepen understanding of how mutations in the RPE65 enzyme cause retinal diseases, especially Leber congenital amaurosis, a devastating childhood blinding disease.