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  • A better informed society can prevent lead poisoning disasters
    am 18. September 2020 um 19:45

    An article address unresolved scientific questions that can help avert future lead poisoning disasters. A better-informed society can prevent such disasters from happening through improved risk assessment, anticipation and management of factors affecting lead release.

  • Connecting the dots on food access
    am 18. September 2020 um 17:59

    A new study simultaneously examined the preferences of community members and compared those with the community-based programs and resources available to identify the most viable strategies for addressing disparities in healthy food consumption.

  • Nose's response to odors more than just a simple sum of parts
    am 18. September 2020 um 14:42

    Based on highly sensitive recordings of neuron activity in the noses of mice, researchers have found that olfactory sensory neurons can exhibit suppression or enhancement of response when odors are mixed, overturning a long-standing view that the response is a simple sum with more complex processing only happening at later stages.

  • Unverricht-Lundborg disease is more common in Finland than elsewhere in the world
    am 18. September 2020 um 14:42

    Based on reported cases, Unverricht-Lundborg disease, also known as progressive myoclonic epilepsy-1A, EPM1, is more common in Finland than anywhere else in the world, a new study finds.

  • Mosquito-borne viruses linked to stroke
    am 18. September 2020 um 14:42

    A deadly combination of two mosquito-borne viruses may be a trigger for stroke, new research has found.