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  • Study examines how social rank affects response to stress
    am 31. März 2023 um 17:15

    Scientists say their study could shed light on stress-related mental illnesses but that more research is needed.

  • A tighter core stabilizes SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in new emergent variants
    am 31. März 2023 um 17:14

    New research reveals that mutations in the stem of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein led to the virus becoming progressively tighter over time, which may have improved the virus's ability to transmit through nasal droplets and infect host cells once in the body.

  • Microrobot technology: Externally connecting in vivo neural networks
    am 31. März 2023 um 16:06

    Researchers have developed a technology for delivering a microrobot to a target point of a hippocampus in an in-vitro environment, connecting neural networks, and measuring neural signals. The findings are expected to contribute to neural network research and the verification and analysis of cell therapy products.

  • Form is (mal)function: Protein's shape lets bacteria disarm it
    am 30. März 2023 um 21:22

    Shigella bacteria can infect humans but not mice. A team can now explain why. Their findings may explain the multifariousness of a key weapon of our immune system.

  • Fluid flow in the brain can be manipulated by sensory stimulation
    am 30. März 2023 um 21:21

    Researchers report that the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain is linked to waking brain activity. The study demonstrates that manipulating blood flow in the brain with visual stimulation induces complementary fluid flow. The findings could impact treatment for conditions like Alzheimer's disease, which have been associated with declines in cerebrospinal fluid flow.